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Premise – Like a tree.

Yes, it’s a cliché and this analogy first came up when I was in my early twenties and living alone in a little rural town in the UK. The tree was off on its own a ways from my terrace and it always looked in trouble. On the upslopes of its trunk, the grass poked through, as if the earth was giving way.

I’d get in my car and drive up the hill, wondering what I’d do if I ever met the owner, what would I say, would it be better to say nothing, I didn’t know these people and had done nothing to warrant their support. In the end I’d do nothing, not like I did much anyway, and it crossed my mind that if I did they would be shamed, rejected, perhaps harmed, or (better yet) ignored. Abandoned, they’d die, or possibly burn up and fall down or be chopped down. My gut clenched, I tried to work out how to help the tree, protect it, but it just stood there and cracked its ugly knuckles against the hard dirt. I’ve mellowed a bit, haven’t I? So I’m starting from scratch, acting at least morally, if not legally, as if it were still in my control.

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