General Knowledge

Occasionally Instagram will delete accounts that users mark as spam. This causes follower counts to drop all across Instagram. Sometimes it impacts our customers, sometimes it doesn’t. If you experience drops of your purchase, we will happily refill your followers in accordance with our free 60 days refill policy.

All followers delivered are real from genuine Instagram accounts. Due to this benefit our team cannot transfer or remove followers once they are delivered.

As the Instagram account owner, you may remove selected followers from your follower list by blocking each individual user.

If you no longer wish to receive replenishment to your account, simply let us know by emailing our team at Contact page.

You may buy likes & followers as many times as required as long as your orders do not surpass 100,000 followers within a 30 day time frame.

Billing Questions

BuyInstaPack products can be easily purchased with Crypto and our own gift card! You can buy our gift card using paypal.

If you do not have a credit card, you can buy our Gift Card and use in on our checkout page for your BuyInstaPack order!

BuyInstaPack no longer accepts PayPal as a direct payment method. but Yes you can buy our Gift Card using paypal then use the card code on our checkout page.

When a credit card is declined, our leading recommendation is to contact you bank for more assistance as they may have more insight into what may be causing the issue.

If you have no luck resolving the issue with your banking institution, please contact our friendly support team.